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Grand Jury Chocolate Judge at Academy of Chocolate Awards

Chocolate Judge at International Chocolate Awards

Judge at Great Taste Awards

International Certified Chocolate Taster

Based in London

Cherrie is a Branding & Marketing professional in the chocolate industry. After spending a decade working with different artisan and international chocolate brands, Cherrie decided to move to London to continue her chocolate journey in 2016.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cherrie started at VERO Chocolates as Marketing, PR & Event Manager in 2009, Cherrie began her career journey in the fine chocolate industry. She was then appointed as Marketing & PR Director for Celebrity Chef & Chocolate Master Jeffery Koo, as well as managing for all branding, marketing & event activities of his chocolate cafes, shops & chocolate school.


Before moving to London, she was the Corporate Sales, Marketing & PR Manager at the world-famous renowned macaron & chocolate brand Pierre Hermé Paris, to manage branding & business activities in Hong Kong for The World Best Pastry Chef, Monsieur Pierre Hermé. Cherrie is currently based in London and managing business development projects for British royal family's long-loved luxury brand Fortnum & Mason


After a decade in the chocolate industry, Cherrie hosted many chocolate tasting and pairing events for media and corporate guests. She has frequently featured on TV both locally and nationally, in magazines across Asia, and is frequently invited as a Guest Speaker in chocolate and business seminars to share her passion and love towards chocolate throughout the journey.

Thanks to all the great opportunities working closely with many amazing MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) & award winning chocolatiers and pastry chefs around the world, she had the privilege to experiment countless chocolate samples during the product development process, before its official launch.


Years of tasting have trained up her palate to be sensitive and critical to define chocolate’s profile, tasting notes, and its quality and flavour combinations.


Her passion towards chocolate had changed her life, her desire to know more had completed her. Becoming a Certified Chocolate Taster & Chocolate Judge in all world chocolate awards opened her eyes also widened her network.

“Tasting chocolate is like a magic bringing out everyone’s one true self from their young heart. It always brings smiles, pure joy, happiness and a lot of memories. It perfectly suits almost every occasion in your life and your emotional needs.

It’s my joy everyday, and I hope it’s yours too!”

–  Cherrie Lo